Friday, November 23, 2012

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Google Plus One: The New Buzz in the Cyber World

Have you seen that tiny little +1 button at the bottom of various blog posts lately? Well that is the Google +1 button that I am talking about which has created a major buzz in the online world in the recent times. Got amazed by an article or page? Well now you can easily recommend that source to your friends and families by simply clicking on that Google Plus one button available on that webpage. People who are connected with you through Google or Gmail accounts will be notified regarding your recommendation and they might give a visit to the site that you have recommended. 

Now if you are a website owner or a webmaster who is responsible for providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to you client’s website, you have every reason to get all excited about this brand new concept called googleplusone. Why? Because it is assumed that in the long run these tiny little Google Plus one buttons can determine how well your webpage will be ranked in Google. The more you get Google +1 recommendations from your visitors the more it may improve your site ranking.

However, it is important for you to keep in mind that Google has launched google+1 at a test basis and the level of impact that it might have over the SEO values of a website is still not that clear. 

But I would say if you are a smart webmaster, you need to be well prepared to make the best use of Google+1. This will allow you to remain one step ahead your competitors and at the same time will make sure that you are turning Google +1 into your massive social networking weapon when it will really matter.

Now to get Google +1s for your website, you can either promote your site and try to get your visitors clicking on the +1 button or can simply hire a social network marketing company who will allow you to buy Google +1s. The second option can be a smart choice for you if you think you don’t have enough time to invest to cover this particular area of marketing. In addition to this, hiring a company might give you an overwhelming result if they are genuine experts in that area and knows how to attract the right visitors for your website who will be feeling reluctant to leave your page without rewarding you with a +1.

However, if you are willing to buy Google plus ones, you need to make sure that the company that is offering you the service is offering Google plus ones from real targeted users who will click on your Google +1 button mainly because they really liked your work. If it is just an automated software that is helping you out with boosting your Google +1s or some “professional clickers” who are actually pressing the button for money, then it will be an unethical practice and might back fire in the long run for your site. 

So don’t get over excited if someone offers you an opportunity to buy cheap Google plus ones. Make sure that they are offering reliable service and not following any unethical marketing practice. However, that does not necessarily means any firm that is offering cheap Google +1s is unsafe to go for. You might find a reliable service provider who will allow you to buy cheap Google +1s and at the same will ensure quality service. Just take your time and do some online research before selecting a particular company.